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A skip bin is an open waste or rubbish removal container that is utilized by homeowners, builders, and various companies. A skip bin comes in a variety of sizes from the smaller 2 m³ size to the larger 8 m³ size. A skip bin has an open top so that it is easy to dispose of waste rubbish materials. The bin will be delivered directly to your site and when it is full it will be removed and dumped at the nearest local landfill.

A representative from Only Skip Hire will be able to provide you with all of the information that you require about a skip bin. They will also help you to determine which sizes are appropriate for your needs. You can also visit their website and see which sizes are available. The website will contain additional information about proper waste removal procedures.

You will be able to place most common items into your skip bin. Some of the acceptable items include tree trimmings, leaves, roof tiles, concrete, bricks, dirt, metal, plastic, paper, crushed rock, tiles, and glass. Your representative will also provide you with a detailed list of items that are not allowed into your skip bin.

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The list of items that are not allowed in the bin will probably include asbestos, wet paint, food scraps, batteries, contaminated soil, oils, flammable materials, and toxic materials,. There are other items that may be charged extra when put into the bin. Some of these items include tree stumps, mattresses, television or computer monitors, appliances such as freezers, dishwashers, stoves, and freezers, and carpet material.

There are however many skip bin companies that can provide you with a bin for the removal of dangerous or hazardous materials and waste. These specially designed skip bins will conform to all government regulations and there will be a specific location for the dumping of this type of material. Of course, this type of specialty service will have an additional charge.

Many skip bin users choose two smaller bins rather than one medium or large bin. This allows them to segregate specific materials into specific bins. You will also be encouraged to pack your bin tightly. Try to use every available space in the bin. If you have large bulky items you may decide to cut them up into smaller pieces. Try to pack your bin the same way that you would pack your suitcase when going on a vacation for a long period of time.

Many homeowners are required to pay removal fees to their local municipality or garbage removal companies. Many of these organizations will charge you extra money for excessive rubbish removal. If you have a bin on your site, you should utilize it to remove all of your unwanted waste and material from around your home. This will save you money that would normally go to these waste removal organizations.

You will notice that each skip bin has a waste line level that is clearly marked. This waste line level should never have material that is above the line. It is important not to overfill your skip bin. If your skip bin is overfilled beyond the waste line level, the company that you have hired will not remove it. They leave it behind. Any waste material that is left behind may incur an extra charge from either the company or from the city.

If you need answers to your questions about a skip bin you can visit the company’s website where you will find a question and answer tab. For example, some people may have a question about safety, where should the bins be placed, are their permits required from the city, will the bins damage my driveway or grass, and other appropriate questions. All of your questions will be answered for you hire a reputable skip bin company.